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Lost For Now

31 January
Absolute discretion.

Just kidding. I'm actually very friendly, outgoing, and adorable.
afternoon tea, airplanes, ancient history, and violence., anime, art, asian cuisine, autumn, bdsm, belly dancing, big words, bikers, bizarre situations, boots, boston, bunny, cabaret, carnivals, champagne, clubbing, coffee shops, coin-operated boys, colors, comas, corsets, cowboy bebop, creative writing, cross dressers, cruelty, dancing, dangerous liaisons, david bowie, dee-licious food, dinosaurs, domination, drawing, edgar allan poe, elitism, entertaining liars, erotic fiction, etiquette, evil, fantasy, feminism, fiction, fiona apple, flying, foreign countries, foreign films, foreign languages, george r.r. martin, glam rock, glitter, good times, goth subculture, groucho marx, guitar, gypsies, hair metal, halloween, hallowmas, immortality, incubi, india, indiana jones, industrial music, intelligent conversation, jhonen vasquez, jon crosby, jurassic park, kill bill, l.a. guns, labyrinth, large ostentatious hats, latin, led zeppelin, les liaisons dangerueses, libertinism, long-haired guys, love, lunch, manga, manipulation, manray, mesozoic mind, motorcycles, my cat spot, narcissism, pai, pain, passion, photography, piano, pin-up art, pink floyd, pirates, platform shoes, playing dress up, poetry, pumpkins, ragtime music, rainy days, reading, revolution, rock and roll, rurouni kenshin, science fiction, seduction, self improvement, severed violets, sex, sexuality, silent films, singing, singing for revenge, slayers, smiting the opposite gender, soulmates, star trek next generation, star wars, steelheart, stories and tall tales, swing dancing, tea, the dresden dolls, the marx brothers, the world/inferno friendship society, theater, thomas, threepenny opera, thunderstorms, tim burton, torrid love, transvestites, travel, underground military operations, vampires, vast, vaudeville, velociraptors, velvet goldmine, wandering bohemians, what life could be, white zombie, wine, writing